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What is

NeoSkip.Com it's a new URL Shortening Website, a site that had a very rapid growth and succeeded in building a small community based on trust and mutual respect. On neoskip you have the opportunity to earn money just by simply shortening the URLs and share them wherever you want. Of course, we don't accept distributing them to illegal content sites and we also don't allow adult traffic. However, you can earn money very easy. Short your URLs and then Share them to your friends, on social media (like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram). Yes, its true! You can make profit without having a popular website. There are a lot of legit methods to do this. We have to mention that we don't accept fake traffic or traffic from exchange websites. Also, don't try to create redirect loops, because it's forbidden as well. Be fair with us and everything will be fine. Let's make money toghether and let's respect each other, because that's the point.

How NeoSkip.Com Works

As I said above, it's very simple to make money with Neoskip. Just take a link, shrink it and promote it where you can(excepting the sites / methods listed above, and of course, excepting spam). Your long URL will be transformed into a Short URL, and will be much easier to promote. After that, the one who click your link, will be redirected into a page with one or two ads. Now, he will be forced to wait 5 seconds until the "Skip" button will appear and then he will be redirected to your link. Its very simple, and its not a difficult method. A lot of people earn a lot of money from this method, so what are you waiting for?


Although Neoskip is a newly established network, we offer competitive rates that will surely attract you to our side. Currently, you can see our CPM rates for each country in this tabel (Payout Rates). There are awesome rates, and our users can easily confirm that. However, we still think that our users deserve much more, so from next month those CPM RATES will become much higher, such that you can earn more money with the same traffic. So, in present, our biggest rate is 12.30 euros for people coming from United Kingdom, and our lowest rate is 0,65 euros for people coming from Algeria. But these rates will not remain that way, they will grow up once with us.

Refferal System

Regarding our refferal system, you will earn 20% from all your reffered people per lifetime, so that's a big plus in your budget. So, if you don't like to promote links, you can just bring refferals to Neoskip, and they will make money for you. It's just an idea but it's very profitable and is used by a lot of people. Besides that, we also have a lot of bonuses for those who bring people to our site, so keep an eye out and stay with us.

How you promote NeoSkip ads?

We offer 5 tools to help you promote and to maximize the profit, tools that are very easy to use. It's about Quick Link, Mass Shrincker, Full Page Script, Bookmarklet and Developers API. You can use it all in different methods. If you have a website you can promote our ads using Full Page Script, but also Quick Link it is a very good variant. When and Where you can Withdraw your Money. Our Payment Threshold was recently moved to €4, but if everything will be fine in terms of traffic quality, the Payment Threshold will be moved to €3. Currently, you can withdraw your money only with Paypal, Wire and Webmoney but we will add more methods as soon as possible, methods like Payonner, Bitcoin etc. We pay daily, most often in several minutes but the maxim term is 24h. Also, we have live stats, so you can check always your traffic, money etc. If you have any doubts regarding if we are legit or not, I have to tell you that you don't have to stress yourself, because we are 100% legit. After each payment, we post a proof in this table, so you can take a look.

Best Ways to Promote Neoskip!

There are a lot of ways to promote Neoskip, this depends on each user and what possibilities he has. For example, if you have a popular website, you can use our Full Page tool to convert all your links from your blog into neoskip URLs. It's very simple and you can save a lot of time and besides that, it is a very good method to earn money. You can also try to promote on Youtube channels or on Facebook Pages. To be honest, the best way to make money with Neoskip is with movies sites. You can just shorte your domain name and then you need a player fake in article, and that's all. Most people will click that player fake and then will be redirected to your homepage. It's also a bonus that we count 2 times for each IP. Want to join Neoskip? If you want to join Neoskip, i must tell you that it is very easy and it doesn't take even a minute. You just have to follow SIGN UP LINK , complete that simple form and that's all. You do not even have to confirm your email address, you just Login and start promoting your links.

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